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July 29 2022
VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION announces Title IX Micro Grant Program to Support Girls in High School - Donating $40k to local LA High School.

VOICEINSPORT and VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION have teamed up with Champs & Puma to launch the Title IX Micro Grant Program, focused on closing the equity gap between girls and boys sports programs in K-12 and collegiate programs across the nation.

July 29, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) – VOICEINSPORT (VIS) and the VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION teamed up with Champs Sports to launch the “Women Win” Campaign to promote gender equity within the sports industry. Since July 17th, VIS and VIS FOUNDATION Founder and CEO Stef Strack has been traveling around the country hosting conversations about equity, advocacy, and mental health with VIS Athletes, VIS Experts, and brand partners Adidas, UnderArmour, Reebok, and Puma. 

Today marks the conclusion of  “Women Win Week,” but the push towards gender equality is far from over as the VIS FOUNDATION announces its Title IX Micro Grant Program. The program will provide funding to K-12 and collegiate programs to close the gap for girls in sport while demanding schools to commit to more education around Title IX for students, administrators and coaches, and more transparent data analysis of Title IX compliance. 

In order for a school to receive a Title IX Micro Grant, they must agree to launch a VIS Advocacy  Chapter through which VIS will provide formal training around Title IX that will equip young girls and women to evaluate the Title IX compliance of their schools. They can then submit the inequalities they find to the VIS FOUNDATION, who will work with partners and brands around the world to provide funds to close those gaps via the Micro Grant Program.

VIS and VIS FOUNDATION Founder and CEO Stef Strack is proud to announce Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills, CA as the recipient of the first Title IX Micro Grant. The VIS FOUNDATION will be providing the school a sizable $40,000 donation powered by Champs Sports & Puma to be put toward a complete refurbishment of the girls basketball locker room and to make the girls facilities more equitable overall. 

“We must create the change we want to see for our daughters now. No more waiting, girls in sport are equipping themselves through education and a community at VOICEINSPORT to drive the change. There is power or “vis” in knowledge and it is our goal with the VIS Advocate Program and the VIS Foundation Title IX Micro Grant Program that we educate and then take action, elevating the voices of young leaders along the way.”  - Stef Strack, Founder & CEO of VOICINSPORT & VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION

The Taft Charter High School girls basketball team will attend the finale event of the 2022 “Women Win Week” Friday at 2pm at the Champs Store in Santa Monica, where they’ll participate in a Q&A panel – moderated by Stef Strack and consisting of WNBA player Katie Lou Samuelson, Taft Charter HS basketball player and VIS Advocate Sophia Tchamkertenian, and VIS Expert and sport psychologist Dr Cynthia Clarke – and have the opportunity to interact with Katie Lou. Strack will also announce the Micro Grant, and present the check to the girls basketball team. 

The Title IX Micro Grant Program serves as just one example of the exciting work being funded by the VIS FOUNDATION to advocate for girls and women in sport. The VIS FOUNDATION has also partnered with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), Stanford University and Boston Children's Hospital to launch "The Women Athlete Voice Project," a first-of-its-kind research study with the goal to develop a sports science research agenda for the industry that will support ongoing participation, health and performance in sport. 

VOICEINSPORT continues its mission to create the largest ever grassroots advocacy movement for girls and women in sport, providing girls with the tools and resources they need and empowering them to use their VOICES to enact the change they wish to see. 

“We are creating an ecosystem with VOICEINSPORT and the VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION that will change the game for girls and women in sport for decades to come. I am beyond excited to see the VIS Foundation Title IX Micro Grant Program come to life today powered by Champs and Puma. It’s advocacy at its best - the girls identify the inequities in the VIS Advocate Program, and the Foundation funds solutions for those inequities now.” Stef Strack, Founder & CEO of VOICEINSPORT and VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION



VOICEINSPORT, the global sports company, provides a community based platform for digital services in mental health, nutrition, sport science and mentoring from pro athletes to keep girls and women in sport. The VOICEINSPORT membership comes with free access to original articles written by women athletes, weekly podcasts, advocacy tools to drive change and a community forum. Paid services include a mentoring platform designed to increase the visibility to pro & collegiate athlete role models and access to both clinical & non-clinical sessions with the top 80 experts in sport psychology, sport nutrition and women’s health. Founded in 2019, VOICEINSPORT is based in NYC and is self-funded by sports industry Executive and Advocate Stef Strack. Visit for the latest company news and follow @voiceinsport onInstagram, TikTok, Snap, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION is a global 501c3 Non-Profit Organization on a mission to close the gap for girls and women in sport. The VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION is dedicated to accelerating  innovative Sports Science research on the woman athlete mind and body, focusing on challenges facing girls  at the middle school, high school and collegiate level, across areas such as mental health, nutrition, and menstruation. The VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION raises Her Voice through advocacy work, including through the Title IX Micro Grant Program. The VOICEINSPORT FOUNDATION is based in NYC, and was founded in 2020 by Executive and Advocate Stef Strack. Visit to learn more, and follow @voiceinsportfoundation on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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