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Topic: Body - May 22 2023
The Best Recovery Tools to Shop This Summer

Leaving campus for the summer? Looking for at-home recovery tools? VIS has you covered! We tried the most popular and effective sports recovery tools and these are our favorites.

By: Charlotte Tomkinson

VIS Creator™

& Melody Hrubes, MD

VIS Expert™

Topic: Body

May 22 2023

The summer months are right around the corner and off-season training can be intense. We sat down with Sports Medicine Specialist and VIS Expert™ Dr. Melody Hrubes to choose five of the best sports and recovery products to have at home.

Stick roller

These rollers are both effective and convenient. They’re great for quality soft tissue work, but still small and easy to transport. Dr. Hrubes prefers stick rollers to traditional foam rollers because you have more control over the pressure exerted on the muscle, lowering the risk of injury.

Dr. Hrubes’ favorite: Addaday stick roller

Affordable alternative:

Smooth massage ball

Similar to the stick roller, the ball roller is small but mighty. Dr. Hrubes suggests stepping on the ball to roll out your plantars, or putting the “ball to the wall” to target your back and glutes. Be sure to choose a smooth ball, rather than a chunky one, since the ridges can be harmful to adipose (fat) tissue.

Dr. Hrubes’ favorite: TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball

Massage gun

Massage guns have taken the athletic world by storm this year, making deep tissue massages portable and accessible any time, anywhere. These guns are best used after a workout, to mobilize and loosen tissue while it is still warm. However, Dr. Hrubes cautions against pushing your massage gun too hard into muscle, or using it over any bones, as it can cause damage.

Dr. Hrubes’ favorite: Theragun

(More) affordable alternative: Theragun mini

Pneumatic recovery boots

These inflatable compression boots have become popular among athletes for getting rid of soreness and speeding up recovery. Their graded compression technology starts by compressing at the feet, working its way up the legs, Dr. Hubres explains. This process stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps to flush any soreness-causing fluids out of the legs. This is the most pricey item on the list, with no true affordable alternative. If you can’t swing the splurge, many gyms and recovery studios are beginning to offer compression sessions that you can book a la carte. 

Dr. Hrubes’ favorite: Hyperice Normatec Boots

Epsom salt

Although there are no studies which prove epsom salt aids in recovery, many people still swear by it. It’s easy to see why: epsom salt contains magnesium, which has been shown to help in muscle recovery. Theoretically, some of this magnesium in the bath water could be absorbed into the muscles to speed up recovery. Plus, it makes for a relaxing bath, smells nice, and is a nice yet affordable holiday gift.

Charlotte’s favorite: Dr. Teal’s

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