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April 25 2024
VOICEINSPORT Announces a New Youth Club Partnership with Rochester Soccer Club & Michigan Stars Elite to Keep Girls in Sport.

VOICEINSPORT and Rochester Soccer Club are teaming up to provide girls with access to mentorship, mental health experts, and educational content to support them on and off the field.

(NEW YORK CITY) April 25th, 2024- VOICEINSPORT (VIS), a global digital sports company, announces a new partnership with Rochester Soccer Club & MI Stars Elite, a Michigan-based youth soccer organization. RSC is one of Michigan’s premier soccer clubs with a mission to foster the physical, mental, and emotional development of players through the game of soccer. The two companies join forces to create a safe space for young women in soccer and provide them with the resources they need to remain healthy and strong in sport.

As young women athletes go through critical developmental stages, they experience bodily changes and many begin to struggle with confidence, mental health, and the pressures that come along with higher levels of sport. For these reasons, starting at age 14, girls drop out of sport at a rate two times that of boys. VOICEINSPORT and RSC are teaming up to change this statistic, ensuring that the club’s player’s have access to the resources they need to navigate this challenging time and not only remain in sport, but to thrive in sport. 

VOICEINSPORT provides girls and women in sport a safe space with access to services from over 95 top experts in sport psychology, sports nutrition and women’s health, mentorship from 300+ professional & collegiate athletes, and educational content written by women athletes for women athletes. VIS listens to the VOICES of the girls, offering services best suited for them and their unique needs. 

“Rochester Soccer Club is investing in services and resources that will be game changing for their young women players. We are beyond excited to partner with the coaches, parents, and athletes at RSC as we develop a personalized educational curriculum with our incredible VIS Mentors and our over 95+ VIS Experts in Sport Psychology, Nutrition and Women’s Health.” - Stef Strack, Founder & CEO of VOICEINSPORT

The partnership with RSC & Elite furthers VOICEINSPORT’s mission to create a safe space for girls and women in sport with their VOICES at the center. Eligible RSC girls players (age 13+) across all teams will be invited to join the VIS community. Through mentorship from top athletes and Experts, as well as a wealth of educational content, the VIS platform will provide ample opportunities for player growth on and off the field, and serve to further the sense of community within the club through private, large group sessions with VIS Experts and professional athlete Mentors offered by the club throughout the year at no additional cost to players. Together with program directors, coaches, and players at RSC & Elite, VOICEINSPORT will change the game for the club's young women athletes in Michigan. 

“We are thrilled to partner with VOICEINSPORT as a means to offer our girls players additional development opportunities. Stef and her team are truly passionate about their mission and that resonates with us and aligns with our goals as a club. We recognize the immediate need to address the unique challenges girls face on and off the field, and are fortunate to have a partner in VIS to help our girls on their journey. It is imperative we as a soccer and sporting community continue to elevate our players as best we can, and we are confident the Experts, Mentors, and substantial resources available through VIS will empower, educate, and bring more voice to our girls.” - Kevin Lanning, General Manager at Rochester Soccer Club


VOICEINSPORT, the global sports company, provides a community-based platform for digital services in mental health, nutrition, sport science and mentoring from pro athletes to keep girls and women in sport. The VOICEINSPORT membership comes with free access to original articles written by women athletes, weekly podcasts, advocacy tools to drive change and a community forum. Paid services include a mentoring platform designed to increase the visibility to pro & collegiate athlete role models and access to both clinical & non-clinical sessions with the top 80 experts in sport psychology, sport nutrition and women’s health. Founded in 2019, VOICEINSPORT is based in NYC and is self-funded by sports industry Executive and Advocate Stef Strack. Visit for the latest company news and follow @voiceinsport on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X and LinkedIn. 

About Rochester Soccer Club

Founded in 1978, Rochester Soccer Club is one of the premier and largest soccer clubs in Michigan. RSC offers a complete soccer experience, with opportunities to play in recreation, development, travel, and Elite programs. RSC is a true full-service soccer club with a proven history of outstanding player development and success at all levels of competition. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional development of our players through the game of soccer. RSC provides playing opportunities for recreational, developing, and Elite players. In all matters, RSC acts with integrity, ensures continual improvement, increases customer program value, and works actively to improve the community in which we operate. Visit to learn more about the club.

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